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In Search of a Name... [Paperback]

Seahorse Stories, Book 1







Paperback: 48 pages, full-color, beautifully illustrated.

A tiny seahorse is given a quest to find his name. His friends help him on his mission, but the seahorse makes an enemy. His enemy turns out to be the scary, great white shark, Phineas, who tries to stop the seahorse from getting his name bestowed upon him by the King of the Sea. From the seahorse's birth, to a shipwreck reef, to a forest of anemone trees, a whale graveyard, and on to the King's palace, the baby seahorse travels onward toward his destiny. His friends include Zuriel, the sea turtle, who always wears a red baseball cap, the clownish porcupine fish, Gifford, and with guidance and direction, Lucinda, the lionfish. This little creature will not be defeated, even by a big bad shark! In Search of a Name: A Seahorse Story is about one of God's tiny creatures finally getting a name that reflects his true nature. This wonderful children's story teaches us that even when bad things happen, God gives us the grace to make a positive impact on the world by living up to our good names.

48 pages, full-color, beautifully illustrated.



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