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The Golden Treasure [Paperback]

Seahorse Stories, Book 2







Paperback: 48 pages, full-color, beautifully illustrated.

The seahorse is going to school in a new reef, with a new home and new lessons on relating with others and dealing with change — good and bad. We all have a place in this world.

From the back of the book:

In the deep reef where the seaweed appears as leafy pastures of green, lives a sapphire-jeweled sea dragon called The Storyteller.

“Hello, my name is Rawiya (raa-we-ya). I have many stories to tell—some of love, some of adventure, and some of learning life’s lessons to live better in this world. Many questions are asked of me. One of the biggest is how to deal with the challenge of change. That brings me to the story of a seahorse that just moved into the reef. He got a new start, a new home, and a new school after having a big adventure of seeking a place to belong. Change is difficult. Sometimes life seems to have no stability. It causes growing pains. Just because you are different than the rest, and some people aren’t nice or helpful, or they try to make you feel so small, doesn’t mean you aren’t wonderful. There is still hope to persevere to your destiny. Trials are part of the growing experience that stretches us further to live a better life.”


48 pages, full-color, beautifully illustrated.



Buzz about The Golden Treasure:

5 out of 5 stars Just the right blend of excitement, wonder, and intrigue.

By Doug Joseph (West Virginia)

This is an excellent children's book, beautifully illustrated. It has a great moral to teach and provides just the right blend of excitement, wonder, intrigue, and the beauty of the undersea creations. The illustration panels are just begging to be turned around and shown to great big eyes wide with wonder.

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